About tridypop

We are professionals, clocked in and out for leading key organizational functions of MNCs for years; and realized a bit later that there is a lot more to be done with the energy put in. We were steering and spearheading Human Resource Management, Talent Acquisition, ERP Implementation, Project Management and Quality functions, all throughout our careers.

We are here as tridypop Solutions, together with our dream to deliver solutions to our partners in terms of their Process Automation (ERP in their bibliography.. ), Resource Management and analytics. Thus, We pronounce ourselves as a core Management Technology company. Our primary focus is to put people and technology to work for our partners to their competitive advantage.

From our beginnings as Independent Consultants to incorporating tridypop in 2015, we’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs and to deliver an exceptional experience for our partners who sought our services and solutions.

 We operate our business under these guiding principles:

We always believe in creating value through technology and technology becomes relevant only through its human dimension.

We believe and behave in partnerships; and treat all our stakeholders as partners in our success. Similarly, we take it a privilege to be partners in theirs.

Community is very important to us, and we shall strive to be a progressive partner in sharing the responsibilities of the community.



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